• Sonic Touch Cleansing System

    Sonic Touch Cleansing System

    For Clean, Beautiful Skin

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  • Sonic Touch
  • Sonic Touch Cleansing System

Clean skin is beautiful!

Facial cleansing is an important first step in a beauty regimen.  Cleaning skin thoroughly reduces likelihood of clogged pores and blemishes.  Gentle exfoliation smooths skin in preparation for other treatments, such as moisturizing lotion, foundation or BB cream.  Once you use a facial cleansing brush you will wonder what took you sooo long!  Take your face washing to the next level with an Instrumental Beauty branded facial cleansing brush. Need to know how they work?  Check out the What's New page for beauty blogger reviews and skin care tips.

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Sonic Touch Reviews

My skin looks so much clearer and my clogged pores have disappeared ... so glad I found this product.   Jeannette

I use the Sonic Touch every other day and my skin feels amazing...The stubborn blackheads on my nose I've been battling for years have almost disappeared.      Constance

My family has noticed the brightness and clearness my face has now.     Priscilla

Sonic Touch is gentle on my skin so I can use it twice a day.  I highly recommend this product.      Ashley

Lizzy is a Beauty Innovator and Vlogger that has 300k+ subscribers. Lizzy has been vlogging since 2012!

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Raven Elyse is a Beauty Innovator and Vlogger that has 400k+ subscribers.

Raven has seen amazing results using Sonic Touch on her acne prone skin.

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MarizzaPizza is a newly trending Beauty Innovator and Vlogger!!

Hear what Marizza says about Sonic Touch..."BEAUTIFUL skin starts with exceptional skincare. Have a BEAUTIFUL day LOVELIES!!"

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